Festivals and a Research Paper

Attended the Muckleshoot Powwow in Auburn a couple of weeks ago. We did pretty good at this festival and had our art cards displayed for the first time. Hope to see a lot of people at the Day Break Star Pow wow coming up this next weekend.

Finally completed a small paper on an ovoid study I have been tossing around for almost a year. I normally vectorize my artwork in Autocad but I found that I was creating too many control points and occasionally creating lumpy ovoids, I needed a better way to do this. I still use Autocad for all of my vectorization work but I’ve now created a simple method of generating ovoid templates using Solidworks and its spline functions. A class I took with David Boxley back in 2007 also helped me clarify some of my own thoughts on the subject. His method of starting with a rectangle that eventually circumscribes the ovoid led me to setting up a similar rectangle with appropriate control points for a spline (NURBS) that creates the charateristic ovoid curve.

Ovoid created with a 4 point spline

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