Just finished moving from Lacey Washington. Unfortunately, our stay was quite brief but in a relatively short time this summer we have managed to work with a number of high quality galleries and shops. Most of my original prints are about half sold out now, so it is time to start looking at what comes next. I have a number of concepts I have semi-completed as well as other drawings that are not currently posted on the web. A number of these have some potential, it is just the choosing that is hard.

At the beginning of Sept. I started attending a carving class put on by David Boxley. I have already learned a significant amount of new material and things that I was previously unaware of within the artwork. David Boxley is definately a master of the craft and an excellent instructor, unfortunately my recent change in employment and subsequent move has really taken a toll on my attendance, hopefully I can get back with the class and continue where I left off.

I am particularily interested in learning more of the three dimensional carving as well as becoming more familiar with the two dimensional art form as well. I recently purchased a new set of carving knives from Kestrel Tools. I just need to finish assembling them now. I ordered them unassembled since I want to customize the handles some.

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